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Naturopathic Approach to Men's Health

At Dr. Nick naturopathic a holistic and individualized approach to men's health concerns takes center stage. Dr. Becker's extensive expertise combines naturopathic principles with specialized knowledge in urology and men's health, ensuring comprehensive care that addresses the unique health needs of men.

Comprehensive Men's Health Care

At Dr. Becker's practice, a comprehensive approach is embraced to address a wide range of men's health concerns. Whether you're seeking solutions for prostate health, sexual wellness, hormonal balance, or general vitality, the practice offers personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs.


Naturopathic Treatment Options

Drawing from both traditional naturopathic medicine and specialized knowledge in men's health, Dr. Becker provides a range of treatment options that prioritize natural approaches and the body's innate healing abilities.

  1. Hormonal Balance
    • Hormonal imbalances can impact a man's vitality, mood, and overall well-being. Dr. Becker offers individualized assessment and natural interventions to support hormonal balance, addressing concerns related to testosterone levels, adrenal health, and thyroid function.

  2. Prostate Health
    • Prostate health is a significant consideration for men's well-being. Dr. Becker's expertise in urology enables him to provide specialized care for prostate issues, offering guidance on preventive measures and natural interventions to support prostate health.

  3. Sexual Wellness
    • Sexual health is an integral aspect of men's overall quality of life. Dr. Becker's practice addresses concerns related to erectile dysfunction, libido, and performance anxiety through personalized treatment plans that encompass natural therapies, lifestyle adjustments, and emotional support.

  4. Stress and Mental Health
    • Men's health is not limited to physical well-being—it includes mental and emotional aspects as well. Dr. Becker's practice offers strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and mood imbalances, providing tools for optimal mental and emotional health.

  5. Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance
    • A holistic approach to men's health involves optimizing nutrition and lifestyle factors. Dr. Becker provides guidance on dietary choices, exercise routines, stress reduction techniques, and sleep hygiene to support overall vitality.

  6. Herbal Medicine and Supplements
    • Naturopathic medicine harnesses the power of nature to promote healing. Dr. Becker may recommend herbal remedies and nutritional supplements that are specifically tailored to address men's health concerns and enhance well-being.

  7. Preventive Care
    • Preventive care is a cornerstone of men's health. Dr. Becker's practice emphasizes early detection and proactive measures to prevent potential health issues, helping men maintain their vitality and well-being as they age.

  8. Collaborative Care
    • Dr. Nick Becker's practice values collaborative care and works in coordination with other healthcare providers as needed. This ensures that patients receive well-rounded and comprehensive support for their health concerns.

  9. Patient-Centered Approach
    • At Dr. Becker's practice, patients are active participants in their health journey. Individual preferences, goals, and concerns are considered to create personalized treatment plans that resonate with each patient's unique needs.


Explore the comprehensive men's health solutions offered at Dr. Nick Becker's practice in Portland, OR. With a blend of naturopathic principles, specialized urological expertise, and a patient-centered approach, you can embark on a journey toward optimal men's health and vitality.

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