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About Dr. Becker

Nick Becker, ND, MSc is a naturopathic general practitioner offering primary and adjunctive care in Portland, OR. Dr. Becker began his journey into the healing arts as an herbalist, completing a rigorous 3-year Master of Science in Herbal Medicine from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2011. During that program and in his subsequent decade as a practicing clinical herbalist he developed into a skilled formulator of botanical medicine. Dr. Becker carried his passion for herbalism through to this day, having worked under several of the most well-respected herbal formulators in the naturopathic profession while earning his ND degree from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine, which he completed in 2019. Dr. Becker has a particular affinity for mental health, men’s health, and physical medicine, though his doors are open to all.

Patients are treated primarily with dietary and lifestyle advice, custom-blended herbal formulas, physical therapy techniques, joint mobilization/manipulation, supplements, and pharmaceuticals as appropriate for each individual patient. Moreover, Dr. Becker embraces the Naturopathic principle of “Docere” or “Doctor as Teacher” and strives to educate patients about their bodies, their conditions, and their treatment plans in order to empower them to take charge of their own healing process.

Dr. Becker lives in NE Portland with his amazing son, 2 of the best dogs in the world, and an adorable tuxedo cat. In a previous life, he was a filmmaker and musician and still dabbles in these passions when he can find the time. An experienced forager and wildcrafter/medicine maker, there always seems to be a gnarled root or some manner of edible fungus strewn across his kitchen counter.

headshot of Nick Becker, ND with stethoscope around his neck and lightbox in background
Photo of Nick Becker, ND holding two large porcini mushrooms in a kitchen with mushrooms cooking on the stovetop behind him
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